New SAR satellite launched, with improved capabilities


New SAR satellite launched, with improved capabilities

February 27th, 2022, Luxembourg/Beijing – Spacety successfully launched two new satellites into orbit: the new Chaohu-1 SAR satellite and the Thor smart satellite. These were launched from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center and both telemetry data and antenna deployment were completed, indicating another successful space mission for Spacety.

The Chaohu-1 satellite is the second commercial C-band SAR remote sensing satellite launched by Spacety, after the HiSea-1, which continues the deployment of Spacety’s SAR constellation. This also makes Spacety the first company in China to deploy and operate a commercial SAR constellation. Together with HiSea-1, the Chaohu-1 will further enhance Spacety’s SAR data services, providing unique advantages for remote sensing applications with its high-resolution and very good quality images, day or night, rain or shine or under other complex meteorological or luminosity conditions.

When compared to HiSea-1, the Chaohu-1 satellite has further optimized the satellite platform and SAR payload design thereby significantly improving its capabilities in terms of spatial resolution, swath size and the single orbit imaging duration, data downlink, orbit control, etc. In addition, the satellite is also equipped with capabilities of continuous multi-target imaging, precise orbit determination and in-orbit data processing using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With these SAR satellites, Spacety continues to offer the possibility of a wide range of applications, especially for obtaining details of objects with strong resolution images. Applications are many, including remote observation of cities, mountains, forests, lakes, oceans and ice movement, coastal areas, disasters and emergencies’ monitoring, etc. Based on Spacety’s global ground station network, Chaohu-1 can provide reliable emergency imaging services to our customers and deliver the data within 6 hours after acquisition. 

By successfully launching the Chaohu-1, Spacety has also made another breakthrough in the commercial SAR data market in China by signing the contract with the North China University of Water Conservancy & Electric Power to jointly develop SAR imagery applications in the field of water resources monitoring and management.

This is the 14th space mission of Spacety. So far, Spacety has successfully launched 25 satellites into space to provide in-orbit services for our customers, continuing to lead China’s private space industry in terms of the number of satellites launches and commercial space service capabilities.

About Spacety

Spacety is a fast-growing company providing satellite-based services globally. It was founded in 2016. It established its international headquarters in Luxembourg in 2019. A world leader in cubesats and smallsats, it has developed, launched, and operates 25 satellites for science and technology demonstration missions. As a leading provider of satellite-based services, it provides fast, frequent, flexible, and low-cost space missions with its advanced and reliable small satellite fleet. These space missions support science experiments or observation, and in-orbit demonstrations and/or validations of space technologies and products, or space systems. Those quick turnaround and end-to-end services have enabled world class space research and helped innovative space technologies to gain space heritage. Spacety is building and deploying a microwave-based (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite Earth Observation constellation to provide the world with global coverage and real-time imagery data as a service (DaaS). This C-band SAR constellation monitors and observes the Earth, day and night, rain or shine, and make SAR imagery of every point on Earth accessible and affordable to users. The SAR data will be distributed worldwide and will enable innovative solutions to manage our changing world and make it better.

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